Fat Cell Switcheroo*

Humans, mice -- indeed all mammals -- have two types of fat cells in their bodies; white and brown. White fat cells store energy. In contrast, brown fat cells dissipate energy as heat, thus counteracting obesity. Much to the chagrin of humans living in industrialized societies, most fat cells in our (adult) bodies are white … Continue reading Fat Cell Switcheroo*

Today’s Pet Peeve – HFCS

OK, today my pet peeve is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). I always buy non-HFCS containing whole grain bread for myself and my husband, and I refuse to buy the commercially available HFCS containing breads. Even the whole grain varieties of these breads have HFCS as one of the first ingredients! I usually buy bread … Continue reading Today’s Pet Peeve – HFCS

Economic Diabetes or What’s Wrong With American Society Today

It can be summed up in one word: excess. Most people I know live with mountains of debt. Many people bought houses that were way beyond their reach in price, only to find several years later that their house is worth less than what they owe on their mortgage. How did things get so bad? … Continue reading Economic Diabetes or What’s Wrong With American Society Today

What is Parallelaphors?

Parallelaphors is a blog dedicated to my observations of the parallels and metaphors between our everyday lives and the natural world. I am a biological scientist and an animal-lover. My goal in creating this blog is to teach a little and learn a lot. I'm very new at blogging so this site should change quite … Continue reading What is Parallelaphors?