I Didn’t Know I Was An Indigo…

...until just recently. Over a decade ago, I began trawling the internet in an attempt to finally nail down what kind of job was right for me. After a 4-year stint as a professional Medical Writer, I knew that conventional corporate jobs were not for me. In early 2007, I found the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, … Continue reading I Didn’t Know I Was An Indigo…

Whatever Stuff Is On My Mind

I have been trying to figure out why it's so hard for me to post on this blog (yes, unfortunately I am a perfectionist, now trying not to be). I've been working my butt off in therapy, doing inner child work. I've been using materials from Sharon Salzberg, one of the best mindfulness meditation teachers … Continue reading Whatever Stuff Is On My Mind

Orchid People, Orchid Science

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), introvert and INFP, I have been familiar with the Orchid vs. Dandelion theory of temperament since 2009, when David Dobbs wrote about it for The Atlantic. The basic idea of this theory is that children who are genetically prone to being highly sensitive, like an orchid, are highly sensitive … Continue reading Orchid People, Orchid Science

Slow Ideas

I re-blogged the post below, entitled "It's A Slow Idea," because it reminded me of the fateful tale of Dr. Ignacz Semmelweiss, a 19th century Viennese OB/GYN. Semmelweiss had a really great slow idea, one that would radically challenge the medical status quo of the time. Semmelweiss made a logical scientific observation about the rampant incidence of childbed fever, … Continue reading Slow Ideas