What is Parallelaphors?

Parallelaphors is a blog dedicated to my observations of the parallels and metaphors between our everyday lives and the natural world. I am a biological scientist and an animal-lover. My goal in creating this blog is to teach a little and learn a lot. I’m very new at blogging so this site should change quite a bit over time, but I’m very excited to finally exist in the blogosphere. I’m looking forward to your comments on my future posts.

Not all the posts will discuss specifically parallels and/or metaphors. They will pertain to my various interests which include, but are not restricted to:

  • Obesity – the latest cutting edge research in biology, psychology, sociology, etc.
  • Trends in American society, particularly work habits
  • Animal welfare and the physiological and psychological benefits of human-companion animal interaction
  • Politics and environmental issues
  • Art, color and design
  • The interface between art and science.

Dudes, you are so welcome here. I have a ton of links I would like to add, once I figure out how to do it. So please bear with me – this will be a real blast!!

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