The Human Anemone Fish

Did you ever notice or have an encounter with someone and wonder how his/her partner could ever possibly stand them? There are many parallels to this in nature – one that came to my mind this evening involves anemone fish, who live among the stinging tentacles of sea anemones. Most mobile coral reef inhabitants seem to know better than to flirt with an anemone, but the anemone fish is miraculously immune to the anemone’s sting and poison. I don’t know if anyone has ever discovered what, if any, benefits the anemone gets from the fish, but the fish definitely benefits from the shelter provided by the anemone. Anyway, they’re beautiful. Feast your eyes on this photo taken by Shek Graham (Thank you, Shek. Beautiful work.).


2 thoughts on “The Human Anemone Fish

  1. That picture you have of the clown fish & anemone is stunning! I have always been fascinated with the pair. I had a friend in college who had a saltwater tank & had a clown fish & anemone. They are beautiful to watch. They do have a symbiotic relationship. The anemone provides protection & the clown fish in turn will defend the anemone against attackers. I also thought I remembered reading that the clown fish helps to clean the anemone as it swims through it’s tentacles. I always loved to watch that little clown fish swimming through the tentacles. I would often watch my college friend feed the pair. It was amazing because he would drop the food down & the clown fish would swim up and grab it & take it down to the anemone! Amazing!


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