A song for constant strangers

This beautiful poem by Astropistachio is essential for anyone who’s ever experienced unrequited love.


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I wrote this for someone who was going through love withdrawal symptoms, by remembering something similar that I had experienced.

A love that felt so true and strong,

A love that could not be,

but for a time,

A love that felt like fate and destiny.

A song for constant strangers,

and unrequited love.

A song for heart connections,

suddenly dissolved.

My life was changed the day we saw’

that brilliant shining star.

We witnessed it together.

Me here.

You so distant, so far.

Although I never met you,

I thought you really cared.

The ecstatic joyous feelings

I thought we really shared.

I thought I really knew you,

and that you really cared.

This love, this poignant feeling.

This pain of loves descent.

From soaring heights to emptiness,

A gift of love now spent.

From bliss and happiness,

to bruised heart,

questioning what it meant.

When all was said,

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