Meet our new puppy, Snowy!

Back in July, we brought home our very first little bundle of fur – a white standard poodle puppy named Snowy. We got her from a good breeder and she’s doing well. The breeder is training us (not the dog – us) to train her. We have no idea what we’re doing so we’re very grateful for the guidance. I always loved dogs but didn’t get to have one for an entire half century plus.

Baby Snowy in kitchen


A lot of my day consists of researching and writing about various topics that interest me, all of which will be touched on in further posts. Snowy needs a lot of attention and stimulation. Poodles are highly intelligent and active. So I spend more time than I initially want to playing with her. As a classic INFP, I don’t like being interrupted when I work, but if I’m not disturbed I’ll sit and work for hours, which is not good health-wise. No one should stop playing when they’re no longer children. It’s one of the healthiest things adults can do. It strengthens relationships, relieves stress, etc. This is why my husband and I agree that getting Snowy was one of the best things we ever did together.

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