The inner child — Emotional Wellness

Thanks to Alisia Martino, writer of the Emotional Wellness blog, here is a great exposition of how to relate effectively to one's inner child. I've found inner child work challenging but I know it's essential to healing from traumatic childhood. Alisia has said it much more eloquently than I've been able to. Inside each and everyone … Continue reading The inner child — Emotional Wellness

I'm one of the late bloomers. I hope I go it before I kick the bucket. — Miriam Gordon, Ph.D. (@miriamgordon) January 3, 2016   "#Writers may be disreputable, incorrigible, early to decay or late to bloom but they dare to go it alone." ~John Updike #quotes— Debra Eve (@DebraEve) January 3, 2016 //

Slow Ideas

I re-blogged the post below, entitled "It's A Slow Idea," because it reminded me of the fateful tale of Dr. Ignacz Semmelweiss, a 19th century Viennese OB/GYN. Semmelweiss had a really great slow idea, one that would radically challenge the medical status quo of the time. Semmelweiss made a logical scientific observation about the rampant incidence of childbed fever, … Continue reading Slow Ideas