“Procreative Beneficence” Examined

In the spirit of raising awareness of the ethical challenges inherent in today’s most advanced medical technologies, the IHEU-Appignani Center for Bioethics and Bioethics International recently sponsored a one-day conference in New York City entitled “New Dilemmas in Medicine”. Three panels of distinguished experts, in turn, addressed three pressing issues: Professor Julian Savulescu’s theory of … Continue reading “Procreative Beneficence” Examined

Revolutionary Biology

Today through Friday (May 14 - 16), the New York Academy of Sciences is hosting a conference on Integrative Physiology. In our time, this is a revolutionary concept because scientific/medical researchers and western medical practitioners in the past century have become habituated to zeroing in on individual organs, tissues, cells and molecules. In turn, however, … Continue reading Revolutionary Biology

My Two Cents on the Medical Writing /Ghost Writing Issue

With regard to the recent New York Times article about ghost writing for the pharmaceutical industry, I have been laying low and just seeing what happens. I worked for a Medical Communications company for 4 years as a Medical Writer. It is really incumbent upon the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA, http://www.amwa.org) to be the … Continue reading My Two Cents on the Medical Writing /Ghost Writing Issue

Economic Diabetes or What’s Wrong With American Society Today

It can be summed up in one word: excess. Most people I know live with mountains of debt. Many people bought houses that were way beyond their reach in price, only to find several years later that their house is worth less than what they owe on their mortgage. How did things get so bad? … Continue reading Economic Diabetes or What’s Wrong With American Society Today

The Human Anemone Fish

Did you ever notice or have an encounter with someone and wonder how his/her partner could ever possibly stand them? There are many parallels to this in nature - one that came to my mind this evening involves anemone fish, who live among the stinging tentacles of sea anemones. Most mobile coral reef inhabitants seem … Continue reading The Human Anemone Fish

What is Parallelaphors?

Parallelaphors is a blog dedicated to my observations of the parallels and metaphors between our everyday lives and the natural world. I am a biological scientist and an animal-lover. My goal in creating this blog is to teach a little and learn a lot. I'm very new at blogging so this site should change quite … Continue reading What is Parallelaphors?