Orchid People, Orchid Science

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), introvert and INFP, I have been familiar with the Orchid vs. Dandelion theory of temperament since 2009, when David Dobbs wrote about it for The Atlantic. The basic idea of this theory is that children who are genetically prone to being highly sensitive, like an orchid, are highly sensitive … Continue reading Orchid People, Orchid Science

On Shame, Vulnerability, Self-Acceptance and Living Life to the Fullest

Poet/philosopher David Whyte's poem/essay on why we must accept our vulnerability in order to live a full life reminded me of Brene Brown’s YouTube video on vulnerability and SHAME. Shame and vulnerability are very dirty words in our lovely culture. But what David Whyte and Brene Brown trying to get across here is that coming to … Continue reading On Shame, Vulnerability, Self-Acceptance and Living Life to the Fullest

A song for constant strangers

This beautiful poem by Astropistachio is essential for anyone who’s ever experienced unrequited love.


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I wrote this for someone who was going through love withdrawal symptoms, by remembering something similar that I had experienced.

A love that felt so true and strong,

A love that could not be,

but for a time,

A love that felt like fate and destiny.

A song for constant strangers,

and unrequited love.

A song for heart connections,

suddenly dissolved.

My life was changed the day we saw’

that brilliant shining star.

We witnessed it together.

Me here.

You so distant, so far.

Although I never met you,

I thought you really cared.

The ecstatic joyous feelings

I thought we really shared.

I thought I really knew you,

and that you really cared.

This love, this poignant feeling.

This pain of loves descent.

From soaring heights to emptiness,

A gift of love now spent.

From bliss and happiness,

to bruised heart,

questioning what it meant.

When all was said,

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Slow Ideas

I re-blogged the post below, entitled "It's A Slow Idea," because it reminded me of the fateful tale of Dr. Ignacz Semmelweiss, a 19th century Viennese OB/GYN. Semmelweiss had a really great slow idea, one that would radically challenge the medical status quo of the time. Semmelweiss made a logical scientific observation about the rampant incidence of childbed fever, … Continue reading Slow Ideas